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The word depressed is a common everyday word. People might say “I’m depressed” when in fact they mean “I’m fed up because I’ve had a row, or failed an exam, or lost my job”, etc. These ups and downs of life are common and normal. Most people recover quite quickly. With true depression you have a low mood and other symptoms each day for at least two weeks. Symptoms can also become severe enough to interfere with day to day activities.

You may feel like:

You constantly have a sadness or low mood. Marked lost interest or pleasure in activities, even for activities that you normally enjoy.

Other common symptoms:

Disturbed sleep, change in appetite, fatigue (tiredness) or loss of energy. Poor concentration or indecisiveness. For example, you might find it difficult to read, work, etc. Even simple tasks seem difficult. Feelings of worthlessness, recurrent thoughts of death. This is not usually a fear of death, more a preoccupation with death and dying. For some people despairing thoughts such as “life is not worth living” or “I don’t care if I don’t wake up” are common. Sometimes these thoughts progress into thoughts and even plans for suicide.

We can help you by:

Listening to you, exploring your thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.

What happens next:

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