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The Listening Room 4 Schools offers a student support service for young people who find themselves struggling. We are trained to listen in a safe and confidential environment, where we offer support and guidance on a one to one basis.

Our key aim is to:

  • Build a trusting relationship.
  • Explore difficulties and look at coping strategies.
  • Work towards goals established together.
  • Supporting you to achieve, increasing self-worth and confidence.
  • To enable you to reach your potential and improve life choices.

Make an appointment and come and talk to us about any concerns that may be troubling you. We will not judge you, only listen and support, giving practical help and guidance on how to move forward to a happier tomorrow.
Leave a message on the answerphone, email or mobile and we will get back to you asap.
Tel:01939 200513 or Mobile:07813858613